Flannels pant

The clocks are receding, evenings becoming darker, days shorter. It will continue like this for a while now, it is time to get your winter wardrobe revamped.

There is no denying that colder climates demand multiple layers of clothing and you don’t want to end up looking like a sartorial snowman, especially when you have been honing your fashion sense all year.

The key to surviving the winter is first and foremost, knowing how to up your layering game. Winter can present many challenges ranging from the diverse amount of fabrics to balancing comfort with fashion. The vast variety of weather and temperatures creates the opportunity for great success with your outfits or utter fashion failure.

To stay warm and yet look in-vogue here are 7 winter essential that will let you skate through this season oh-so-smoothly.

Flannels pant

1.  Flannel:

We cannot think of winters and not mention flannels. Weaved using long fibres that are brushed extensively, flannels are soft, light and yet possess the ability to provide you warmth on the coldest winter days. Apart from functional qualities flannels can also help in adding the style quotient by acting as a versatile fabric in terms of its casual to formal transforming competence. Best shades that compliment the winter season when it comes to flannels are grey, brown, beige and deeper blues.
Flannels pant

2.  Chambray Shirts:

A staple as basic as denim, chambray fabric comes with uber versatility and acts as a neutral that can be paired with nearly any color scheme. As much as we love our denim, we know that in some people’s opinion they are not conservative enough for an environment, and that is where chambray enters.
The sleekness of the fabric has inspired designers to venture into creating more formal-inspired attire including shirts, ties, blazer, and even full suits.
Flannels pant

3. Corduroys:

You can ditch your jeans and khakis this winter and try opting for colored corduroys. Made from the heavier variance of fabrics, corduroys are thicker providing the warmth that winters require. It provides a casual look compared to flannels and one can easily experiment with lighter shades as well. Over the last few years, corduroys have also managed to attain the fit that your skin-fit jeans provide.
Flannels pant

4. Peacoats:

Once you have mastered your shirts and bottoms, it’s important to add accents using your outerwear. One can blindly pick up a peacoat and add it as their winter essentials.
From deck to dock, this compact casual winter coat has seen it all. It’s warm, easy to style and endlessly versatile thanks to its neat, tapered silhouette that leaves just enough room for a solid piece of knitwear to slot underneath. The idle shade to rock the traditional peacoats would be navy blue but one can wear a black or grey to change the look from casuals to smart formals instantly.

5. Parka Jackets:

The fur lined hooded coat seen in the World War movies or worn by the Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones would give you a clear visualization of what a Parka jacket looks like (with creative liberties taken in movies and shows, of course). 
A parka jacket might not come in different edgy designs, but it always delivers in style. The parka shape is flattering, as it can be squeezed at waist height without making you look baggy which many winters outwears tend to do.

6. Wool jackets:

There is no doubting wool in winters. It is naturally water resistant, thanks to the lanolin it contains. It is also an excellent insulator, and a coat made of wool will keep you warm when other fibers might not. The fabric allows the moisture from your skin to become the insulator for your warmth by wicking it away from your skin and trapping it to keep you warm.
Easy to pack and care for, wool is excellent not just for cold climate but for travelers too. Winters are also suited to darker shades, therefore, you can opt for woolen jackets in monochromes, charcoal grey, silver, and blues.

7. Suede loafers:

Material like suede and shoes like loafers go hand in hand when it comes to winters. Suede is one fabric that articulates in multiple categories and shoes are one of them. Made from a type of leather, it’s flexible, light and helps in easy movement. It sure requires layers before it can be donned for a winter morning but it’s flexibility, that most winter essential fails to provide make it to the ‘winter essential of this season’.

It is a good idea to pair up your black flannel shirt with stone grey corduroy pant and slip into black suede loafer for a smart-casual look which would keep you warm whilst adding a fashion statement to your look.

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