About Us

Luxire was born out of a simple idea - A world without Compromise.


At Luxire we believe that the style doesn’t make the man but the man makes the style. We believe that true style should not be decided in a room full of corporate execs based on profit margins, sales figures and some weird sizing calculations. We knew there had to be a better was so we embarked on a mission to create the best possible clothing for men, using the finest fabric, superior materials and distinguishing styling bridging the gap between luxury and desire. Luxire was born.

Our commitment to quality is unmatched. We use the very best fabrics, trims and buttons. There is no better interlining, button thread sold in the world than what we use. 

Each shirt is made with 12 hours or more of work, with the highest attention to detail. Measurements are always perfect.


 Here is a Keikari interview with the founder of Luxire, Ashish Arya.


Parent Company 
North America
Oadie Llc
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Avacci Telagio Holdings
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Avacci Telagio Private Limited
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Bringing your Luxire to you is a self-driven and committed team of investment bankers and textile gurus who founded Luxire.com. In addition to their global experience, the Luxire team, after successful career stints in leading companies, brings in expertise from areas like technology, product development, operations, finance and marketing. As is evident from their diverse backgrounds, each team member brings a unique set of capabilities to the table. As a group, they have valued these differences and have encouraged each other to question, create and experiment in their pursuit of excellence. However, the inimitable strength of the team lies in each individual’s ability to work independently and in their ability to build things from scratch. A deep sense of ownership has resulted in considerable throughput during the initial phases of development and roll-out; and as they go forward, it is their aim to continue building on these values and strengths in new members as well as within the organization.

The Luxire team