The Luxire Ordering Process

Select Your Fabric

Luxire offers you an unlimited variety of fabrics to choose from. We have exactly what you need and what is best suited for your climate.

We have cotton, linen, wool, silk and blends in different weights for you to choose from.

We are glad to help you understand and choose.

Select/Create Your Style

We make clothing to your exact style. We have many standard styles to choose from or you can create your own style.

You can decide each aspect of your style to make sure it fits your work and your  lifestyle.

Our stylists can help you decide. 

Provide Your Measurements

You have many options to get to your perfect fit. Give us your:

1. Your standard store size OR

2. Send us a well fitting garment to measure & return OR

3. Measure your shirt/pant OR

4. Measure your body

Fit guarantee

We guarantee your best fit. Will remake your first order for free*

Luxire guarantees that each aspect of your order will be made exactly as you order.

Our specialists will work with you, review fit images and make sure you are happy.

  • About Us
    "Luxire has changed the way I dress.

    First, I got my fit right. Fit I never knew I could afford.
    Now, I wear the style that works best for my body and my lifestyle."
    "Using Luxire shirts for a while. Will never buy ready made dress shirts again. Luxire has spoiled me rotten."

From fabric to Custom made garment

Drawing inspiration from the best tailoring techniques, both traditional and modern, LUXIRE combines elegant design with modern sophestication; a refined statement that presents men smarter and glorifies their personality.

Quality & Satisfaction

Over 20,000 satisfied customers across 57 countries

Our customers
The trousers were my first experience with custom made to measure from Luxire. I went with traditional features in a modern cut; double reverse pleats, high-waisted, thick waistband, suspender buttons and cuffed bottoms.... I would highly recommend Luxire for a detailed, hand-made piece of fine clothing.
The Happy Schnapper
Our customers
“Every time i asked for or specified details Luxire followed them flawlessly and delivered a product which I was very happy with. This time was no exception. They did a great job and I already ordered the exact same copy of this shirt but in darker shade of blue.”
Mikolaj Pawelczak -
Suit Review on Styleforum
Here's a review of my unstructured tan summer suit, posted for those considering such for upcoming heat waves, and to recognize Luxire for their efforts. This one is made of a gloriously soft yet rumply tan linen and contains no padding or canvassing whatsoever, and is lined only in the sleeves and with Bemberg. There are many more custom features in ....... suit that to my knowledge only true bespoke can match. I'm pretty happy with the fit, and over time it'll only settle on my body more nicely. The jacket was originally patterned from one sent in for replication, however I requested several changes, and to get the shoulders and neck ideal necessitated a bit of back and forth with alterations. I had to learn some patience, but in the end it's come out just about as I'd imagined it should, and in the processed learned how to work with Luxire more effectively (hint: trust their expertise). The highest praise goes to Luxire for rising to the challenge of getting this to my satisfaction, which included making it work with my disproportionate and forward-pointing shoulders without the luxury of in-person fittings nor canvas to help smooth things over. Completely happy with their service and looking forward to more in the future.
@aj805 on Styleforum
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The very best fabrics and trims from best European mills. Highest quality tailoring.


We use Fedex/DHL 2-day service as a standard for shipping to anywhere in the world. Easy returns for free alterations.


Your clothes will always be made to your exact specifications.