Review of our Shirts by Andy Gilchrist, author of The Encyclopedia of Men's Clothes

Review of our Shirts by Andy Gilchrist, author of The Encyclopedia of Men's Clothes

“Dress shirts that fit”, is a difficult slogan to live up to for a ready-to-wear shirt maker. I would say that Arnaud Rousseau can claim a right to that tagline.

The website is taking the right approach - easy to read (no white letters on a big black background - which I personally hate), easy to navigate and order. Shirts start at $30 to 60. (Yes that is not a typo)!

I ordered these patterns:1x Blue Checks Stripe - Blue / 16/34-35 for $29.99

1x Sky Blue Hairline Stripes / 16.5 /35-36 for $29.99

I like Luxire dress shirts approach to fit. In terms of size, they are pretty standard for most boutique shirtmakers. In my measurements, they were close to the fit of Brooks Brothers. But what makes it even better is the tailoring. The mid-section is tapered, sleeves are slim and the armholes are slightly smaller. Overall, the shirts give you a more stylish and slimmer look than most ready-to-wear shirts. No billowing fabric at your.

The quality and attention to detail is way above the price. Good100% cotton fabric, 7 front buttons with a horizontal bottom button hole,fused, layered collar, 20 stitches per inch, split yoke on most shirts,mother-of-pearl buttons, removable steel collar-stays, yes steel collar stays.

The blue checks I ordered is one of those fun patterns that work well as a sport shirt or a dress shirt with a necktie is less serious occasions.

The hairline stripe would work well for most business occasions.They currently have an excellent mix of designs and colors.

One less desirable feature, is that the shirts have adjustable sleeves - two cuff buttons -- you choose the one for your sleeve length.

As if the fit is not surprising enough, the pricing does make you think. My first reaction after looking at the price was that it probably was one of the run-of-the-mill mass shirt makers with a fancy tagline. But, after seeing the fabric, quality, fit and attention to detail, -- these shirts are certainly a bargain.

Shirts start at $30 and go up to $60. Free shipping, free returns and satisfaction guarantee makes it beyond compare. 

Plus they offer a large selection of tasteful silk knots cufflinks for around only $4 a set!!

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