Chinos and how they can elevate your wardrobe

Chinos and how they can elevate your wardrobe

Picture this - you've got a closet full of clothes, but somehow you still find yourself staring blankly every morning, wondering what to wear. Sounds familiar? One of the best things about chinos is their effortless ability to elevate any outfit. Whether you're heading to the office, grabbing brunch with friends, or hitting up a rooftop party, chinos have got your back. They strike the perfect balance between smart and casual, giving you that polished look without feeling stuffy or overdressed.

So, what exactly are Chinos?

So, what exactly are Chinos?

Chinos are a style of very versatile men’s pants that combine modern style with lots of functionality and most importantly, stand out from the crowd. They are a pretty sharp upgrade over jeans and are a great option for almost any occasion. They are smart-casual lightweight and have a nice blend of functionality and practicality and can be styled up or down pretty easily.

Here we will unravel the key characteristics of chinos, their history, how to style them, and where and when to wear them. Get an expert view of what chinos are and how to include them in your wardrobe. You will also learn how Chinos are different from jeans, even though they are both considered comfort wear.

Where did Chinos originate

Where did Chinos originate?

There is an interesting history behind Chino pants. Chinos go back a long way to the 19th century during the Spanish-American war which mainly took place in the Philippines. The Philippines was hot and muggy most of the year, and they needed something for military uniforms that was more slimline, practical, and lightweight than existing styles. The pants were manufactured in China which gave them the name ‘Chino’ which was the Spanish name for the country. The pants were perfect as military uniforms with the style reducing the amount of fabric used by making it a slimmer fit and getting rid of other frills like large pockets.

A couple of hundred years later, the pants are still popular in men’s style and look distinctly similar to those used back in the 19th century.

Characteristics - The Look, Style & Fit

Characteristics - The Look, Style & Fit

Chinos are not Khakis. Chino pants boast a sleeker and more tailored appearance compared to other trousers. Setting them apart from khaki pants, they are never pleated and they come in more colors than a rainbow on a sunny day, giving you endless options for expressing your unique style!

Additionally, chinos lack the extra seams commonly found in other styles of pants, sporting minimalistic internal pockets rather than bulky external ones. Their clean and minimalistic design aligns perfectly with those who embrace a simplistic aesthetic. Their association with a preppy style is evident, with chinos frequently seen as part of school uniforms. However, thanks to their versatile material, they seamlessly transition into more relaxed outfits as well.

But it's not just about looks – chinos are as comfortable as they are stylish. Made from a lightweight cotton twill with a hint of stretch, they're the kind of pants you'll never want to take off. Seriously, they're like wearing a cloud on your legs!

If you are still wondering if chinos are your style, we make them incredibly adaptable and enjoyable to wear while maintaining an easy yet sharp style.



While both Khakis and Chinos originated from war, it is the fabric, a light cotton twill, that has become an iconic part of the chino look. While traditional cotton and cotton blends remain popular, there's a whole array of innovative fabrics to explore today. These modern fabrics not only offer added versatility but also practical benefits. Chinos crafted from these materials are comfortable yet chic and are ideal for outdoor wear. With a variety of styles and weights available, there's something to suit every mood and occasion.

How to wear Chinos

When it comes to styling chinos, the possibilities are endless for creating a polished yet relaxed look. If you're new to the chino game, remember this golden rule: anything jeans can do, chinos can do – and often better!

The key to achieving your desired vibe lies in the choice of footwear and top to complement your chinos.



For a versatile and effortlessly stylish look, opt for a breezy button-down shirt. This classic pairing strikes the perfect balance between casual and formal, making it suitable for a variety of occasions. For a smart-casual or business-casual ensemble that will turn heads, opt for light dress shirts paired with darker chinos. Add a blazer or sportcoat to elevate the look, and you'll be ready for anything from date night to a casual outdoor wedding.

If you need a more relaxed vibe, you can experiment with shirts featuring bold patterns. Whether you're attending a casual event or simply heading out on the town, a well-structured, clean, and neat t-shirt can also do the trick. It's a much more stylish alternative to reaching for your sweatpants when running errands.



The choice of shoes can significantly influence the overall dressiness of your chino ensemble, much like with jeans. For occasions that lean towards the smart side, you can't go wrong with a quality leather shoe, whether it's a formal Oxford or a more laid-back loafer, or relaxed suede shoes with intricate detailing.

Now, let's talk sneakers. While they might not be suitable for formal events or the boardroom, they can add a stylish edge to your streetwear-inspired chino outfit. Just ensure your sneakers are spotless and free of any wear and tear for a polished look. With sneakers, opt for a simple design tailored for casual wear, avoiding flashy logos or busy patterns. When in doubt, a classic pair of plain white sneakers always pairs well with chinos for a stylish streetwear vibe.

As for boots, they can add a touch of flair to your chino ensemble, especially in cooler weather. While traditional boots may feel a bit heavy for the breezy look of chinos, a low-cut and stylish leather boot can still work wonders. Experiment with suede or other visually appealing materials for added interest and versatility.

Where can you wear Chinos?

Chino pants are incredibly versatile and can be worn almost anywhere, except maybe for swimming – though if you're feeling adventurous, who's to stop you? From the office to a day of travel, running errands, or simply lounging at home, chinos have got you covered. Their breathable fabric and tailored, slim-fit design make them suitable for virtually any situation.

In workplaces with a business casual or semi-formal dress code, chinos are a perfect choice. They allow you to adhere to the dress code without feeling stifled or overheated. Plus, once the workday is over, you can seamlessly transition from the office to your next adventure. The stretchy fabric ensures you can move freely without worrying about damaging your pants, making them ideal for activities like biking or hiking.

When it comes to travel, chino pants are a lifesaver. Their versatility means they can be styled in numerous ways, allowing you to create different outfits throughout your trip. This versatility helps you cut down on the number of pants you need to pack, as you can easily re-wear your chinos for various occasions. Whether you're dining out or exploring new sights, chinos are comfortable enough for long flights or road trips. Plus, their stylish appearance means you'll feel confident making pit stops along the way.

In essence, chinos are the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything pants. No matter the situation, you can count on chinos to meet your needs and keep you looking sharp and stylish. presents a diverse range of chinos, catering to every individual's taste and style preferences. Noteworthy is the Genoa range which is primarily cotton with a bit of lycra added for comfort. Our dedicated team is always available to assist you with any inquiries you may have about this indispensable addition to every man's wardrobe. Feel free to contact us at for personalized assistance. For a comprehensive guide, we encourage you to create a free account on our website. By doing so, you'll gain access to instructional and measurement videos, simplifying the process of obtaining measurements for a custom suit. Additionally, signing up for our mailing list ensures you receive exclusive styling tips, updates on the latest fabric releases, and much more.

At, we're committed to providing unparalleled quality and service, ensuring you look and feel your best in our chinos.

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