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To Order: We are working on an easy to order process for outerwear. Some items like peacoats, overcoats, Harringtons, Duffles can be ordered directly on the site. Other items like suit jackets and custom styles can be ordered by sending us a message.


Pea Coat by Luxire

Luxire Wool Over Coat

Over Coat Back

Green Moleskin Shirt Jacket

Fresco Navy Suit

Suit With Waist Coat

Ladies OverCoat

Quilted Waist Coat

Dinner Jacket

Dinner Waist Coat

Complete Luxire Products

Square Quilted Jacket

Scarf With Tie

Grey Herringbone Wool Coat

Grey Pea Coat

Black Pea Coat

Duffle Coat

Green Corduroy Jacket

Duffle Coat

Woolen OverCoat

Wool Herringbone Nehru Jacket

Women's Pea Coat

Harrington Jacket

Inside of Harrinton Jacket

Leather Lined Ranger Sport Jacket

Navy Quilted Jacket

Navy Quilted Jacket

Denim Wabash Noragi Jacket

Salmon Cord Ladies Jacket

Holly Wood Style Jacket

Denim Jacket


Grey Coat

Navy Trench Coat

Moleskin Jacket

Linen Safari Metal Buttons

Wool Shirt Style

Waist Coat

Waist Coat

Grey Over Coat

Luxire Trench Coat

Sport Coat

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