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Luxire dresses you up for the special occasion in style, custom made to perfection.



Detachable Wing-tip collar made of rich Marcella and fused on both sides


Piqué faced French Cuff



....or Single Cuffs


Collars made to your requirements be it size, shape, spread, firmness, tie-space, height or anything else you can think of


If the occasion demands something special...


...Or something unique...

 Tuxedo's incomplete without a belt loop. Choose your style, pin-holes....



....Or Button-holes, designed to keep the pin perfectly in place


Detachable Placket: Use Buttons or Studs. Shirt can be converted from Formal Shirt to Dress shirt and back


Important details like vest strap loop....

.....and side vents for easy fastening are standard.


The Luxire formal shirt.


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Pricing for Customizations:

1. Select the white fabric for the base - Recommended is the Lustrous Fine White at $69.99. You can choose finer fabrics and different silk blends that go up to $250
2. For the marcella bib, extra $30
3. For a pleated front, extra $50
3. For marcella collars and cuffs, $30
4. Detachable collars - No extra charge
5. Other features like side vents, back loop, belt loop - No extra charge
6. Wingtip collar can be made as desired. The standard collar is fused  on both sides and is $30 additional.  Marcella is on the front of the collar. Back is standard white fabric. Both sides Marcella will be $30 additional
7. Handmade pin-holes - $30
8. For the vest, the pricing is determined based on chosen style and options. Starting at $99.99
9. Matching bow-tie $49.99

To order, contact Us.


The infographic below, from the website TheSuitsofJamesBond is a good guide about what to wear for your next special event.  You make the choice and we will make it for you.




Where do the square studs for the front placket, in the first photo, come from? I very much like their specific style/appearance.

Edouard de Villiers

I remember in the 1970’s tuxedo shirts were made with little round pin holes for the studs. You would push the back of the stud through the pin hole. This way your stud would not pop out from the button hole. Do you made a shirt with the little pin holes??

Blaine L. Berkowitz

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