From working with the best dressed business men to dressing the best dressed men, life has come a long way for us.

Impressed by the shirt worn by a gentleman at a meeting, I decided to get myself something similar. It turned out to treasure hunt. From discussions with a men's tailor in Manhattan to another on Saville row in London to visiting factories in France and Italy, I moved well beyond the initial quest. The fascinating world of garment making ended up being the calling I was looking for.

Studied shirt making for 2 years through working with some of the old world magicians, I learnt the art of making shirts the forgotten way. The search for fabrics, buttons, threads and interlinings was intriguing and educating.

A lot about shirt-making has been forgotten or sidelined by mass production techniques and the need to lower costs.

Luxire is an attempt to create dress shirts the 'old way'. Like 'better ingredients make better pizza', better materials create better shirts. Its a philosophy, and we love it.