Pleated casual chino

The most original casual trousers for men. Discover comfortable cargo trousers or side striped pieces with practical pockets in relaxed fabrics. Pick out your favourite piece and customise these pants according to the fit you desire. These chinos are available in pleated styles and in colours to suit every gentleman’s palate.

How to order Pleated casual chino


The khaki-coloured military trousers began to be referred to as ‘chinos’ during the Spanish American war of 1898. The actual word “chino” is derived from the Spanish name for China, as the cotton twill fabric used for the trousers was sourced from China. It was officially picked up as part of the US Army uniform in the early 20th century and chino trousers became a familiar sight across both World Wars.


With fine quality fabrics used from the mills across the world, these chinos provide you with unparalleled softness and comfort. Soft, well-structured and durable, you’ll definitely love being the proud owner of this trousers. A versatile addition like these trousers are perfect to transform your wardrobe. Whether you are running errand or meeting friends for coffee, sport this number with a crisp shirt and leather shoes.

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