• The Finest - Luxire Blue Gingham 300/4
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The Finest - Luxire Blue Gingham 300/4

Regular price $600.00

Ì_åÇÌÎÌ__The Fabric is made from the finest Cotton which allows for a thread so fine. 300/4 ply, is rare. Only a few looms in the world are capable of making a fabric of this quality.

We have a limited stock of this fabric.Ì_åÇÌÎÌ__

The shirt would be made extensively by hand, to your exact measurements.

Highest Quality

Quality is our only guiding principle. Luxire makes clothing that will match the best of Savile Row & Neapolitan tailoring in quality. All our stirts are hand finished, made with mother-of-pearl buttons from Gritti Italy, German Wendler interlining, Guetermann threads. All pants have horn buttons and are extensively hand finished.

Excellent Value - Direct to you

Each Luxire garment is fully made in our own studio, by our own team of tailors and designers. We buy fabrics directly from the best mills in Europe like Alumo, Albini, Grandi Rubinelli, Vitale Barberis Canonico, E Thomas, Minnis, Dugdale, Schoeller among others. We ship from our studio to you directly using Fedex/DHL 2-day service. You thus get the best quality, at the best possible price.

Made to your Body & Style

Luxire makes each garment for you. We start by drafting your pattern to your exact measurement & style. This pattern is then used for marking your fabric and cutting. Your fabric is washed before cutting to minimize shrinkage. The tailor makes your garment with utmost care and attention to to the minutest detail. Each garment is thoroughly checked for measurement, style and quality before being shipped to you.